Saturday, September 12, 2015

Chive Blossoms by Susie Morrell

©Susie Morrell "Chive Blossoms"
6" x 6" oil on archival linen panel

private collection

I was going through my paints and wanted to paint these chive blossoms (photo courtesy of Joey Randall's Village Voice blog) I use a very limited palette but was having difficulty achieve the hue of the blossoms so turned to my kit and found a wonderful tube of Gamblin's Manganese Violet. Perfect!  Thanks to Dot Bunn for encouraging me to purchase it! This one is now in a private collection.  I loved painting it so may paint another version!

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  1. Joey Randall's photos are beautiful and I think you could paint each one and have a winner! God' beauty captured by Joey and your painting talent is a wonderful combo.

    1. great idea Elizabeth! I'm on a boat, buoy, fishing series now after being in Cape Cod!

  2. Very nicely done Susie!! and congratulations on sale!
    It's fun painting these :)


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