Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pumpkin and Flo Blue

                                                         inspirational photograph for this painting by Joey Randall

                  ©2012 Susie Morrell "Pumpkin with Flo Blue" 6x6 oil on panel with finished edges
                                 sold unframed, cherry wood easel included for immediate display
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This photo was taken by Joey Randall, author and host of the #1 gardening blog
in Michigan, The Village Voice.  Joey is my aunt, friend and mentor in so
many ways.  She is a skilled photographer with a trained eye for capturing
all that is glorious in the garden from tiny budding ferns to majestic blooms of 
color that captivate the artist's eye.  What's best is all her images are inspired
primarily from her own gardens both at home and at her lake cabin.  She and her
husband, Mike, travel back and forth throughout the year welcoming visitors to
their homes with warmth and cheer.  Joey maintains her informative blog called
The Village Voice which focuses on her favorite recipes, photographs and all 
things Michigan!  If you want a visual experience on how the seasons come and
go in Michigan along with what is cooking in Joey's kitchen The Village Voice is
a must read on your blog list.

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Library on Lake Afton in Yardley, Pa

©2012 Susie Morrell "Library on Lake Afton" 6x8 oil on panel with finished edges
Private Collection

To view all my available paintings please visit:  Susie Morrell Portfolio
Lake Afton is in the center of the village of Yardley, PA where you often see people taking 
the time to sit and enjoy feeding the ducks, fishing or sipping a refreshment from the 
Starbucks on the south end of the lake while just taking in the beauty and fresh air.  I 
have captured it from all views with my camera and loved this view of the shaded path.  
Recently construction has begun to improve the walking path between the road and the lake
to make access safer for visitors.