Friday, September 18, 2015

"Buoys" by Susie Morrell

©Susie Morrell "Buoys" 6" x 6" oil on panel
sold unframed, walnut wood easel included for immediate display

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Arriving in Falmouth.MA with a half day to mull around before the start of the workshop I felt compelled to drive all the way to Provincetown... who knows when I'll be back and that little stretch of land curling into the sea was just too irresistible!
 Bike on the bike rack and navigator on I started off.  30 minutes into the drive a sidetrack stop at Isaiah Thomas Books, a charming pink house with the sign reading "old and rare books"  I always head for the art section and didn't I find a wonderful biography of Philadelphia artist, John Sloan ~ perfect! The 1-1/2 hour drive was pretty solitary through dunes and marsh.  Then the contrast is striking... suddenly you arrive to a bustling seaport village full of activity.  People walking shopping gallery hopping, outdoor caf├Ęs, cedar shingle architecture everywhere, sounds of fog horns, seagulls,  street musicians playing.  I parked and took off on my bike to enjoy the atmosphere all the while
thinking "pinch me am I really here!"  
then the rain.... oh well... time to pause and eat.  Seeing 'lobster roll' sandwich signs everywhere I asked a local where to get the best.  He suggested here:
and he was right!  it was unbelievable!
so I waited out the rain ...
a bit damp and chilled I was glad to have thrown a bottle of merlot in the car last minute so  headed back to the Inn to enjoy a glass of wine and my new found John Sloan book and three days of oil painting ahead of me.  Life is Good ~

~more on the painting in the next post~

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  1. Sounds amazing! Great idea to bring bike and merlot! I would love to have abide of that lobster roll. Good enough to paint!


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