Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cape Cod Welcome ~ by Susie Morrell

©Susie Morrell "Cape Cod Welcome" 8"x 8" oil on panel

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This charming doorway was part of the Museum on the Green in Falmouth, MA painted plein air.  I just loved the whale sign and light fixture by the door along with the colors created by the light on the cedar shingles and the warm greens in the distance.  This piece is a bit larger than I usual paint measuring 8" x 8"

Here is a photo another artist took of me painting so you can see the full view.  The tricky thing about painting plein air... when I started the painting the Museum was closed.  During the course of painting the Museum opened sliding the doors to cover the window I was painting.  One recommendation by our instructor was to take a photo of your view when you first start to paint just for this reason... I'm glad I did so I could finish by using my reference photo :-)

reference photo:

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