Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Landscape Commission - "Drifting"

36" x 48" oil on gallery wrap linen canvas 

a recent commission, 36" x 48" ~ It's so difficult to capture the nuance of hue transitions in a photograph. You really have to see this one in person. This work looks different in every room of my house depending on how the light hits it. The collector will hang this work on a wall where the sunlight will capture the mass of reflection from the lake. I worked from their photograph taken overlooking the impressive view from their newly renovated home in Doylestown, PA.


  1. Hi Susie, It was lovely to meet you at Qiang's workshop... and now I can see what you are up to! Very nice looking blog and beautifully serene painting!

  2. You well know how I admire your talent, dear Susie! I am delighted adding you to my favorite links ...


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