Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lessons I've Learned from Bailey

Recently I heard the news of a dear friend's dog passing away after 11 loving years in their family. It made me think about what life would be like without our dog Bailey (pictured above) She came into our life on Christmas Day and we named her Bailey after George Bailey in the movie "It's a Wonderful Life".  I had to be coaxed to let her into my heart but now can't imagine life without her in our family.  On our daily walks these thoughts would pop into my head... lessons gleaned from our time together and I began to write them down.  If you are a dog owner you may be able to identify with the some.  I wanted to share them in memory of Mosby, my friend's dear companion.

• Go for a walk every day
• Eat two healthy meals every day and treat yourself in-between to small snacks
• Do the "down dog" daily (my yoga instructor says this is the one pose that puts everything back in alignment)
• Sometimes it's nice to stretch ourselves far from our comfort zone similar to one of those retractable leashes and it's nice to know we are teathered to safety and can be reeled back in 
• jump at any chance to get outside
• Greet everyone who walks through the front door with the love and enthusiasm of greeting a long lost friend
• Chase the squirrels away… they just eat the bird seed
• Stop, raise your head to the heavens and smell the wonderful fragrances of nature
• Take a power nap so you are ready for anything!
• Submerge yourself in cool fresh water… it takes all the worries away
• Go to your quiet place when you get to excited and need to decompress
• when there is a storm and lightening, find comfort in your family and get cozy under the covers
• Listen with full attention even cocking an ear to one side when spoken to show you understand the message..... and even if you don't you look like you do :-)
• Love unconditionally.. 
• Lastly.. interesting.... Dog spelled backwards is God

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