Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Books/Kaufman Covered Bridge by Susie Morrell

I just love the charm of covered bridges and their symbolism of small-town America.  This one is called Brook/Kaufman and crosses over Shermans Creek just southwest of Blain, PA.  Living in historical Bucks County myself, I thought I would research existing covered bridges in Bucks County.  I stumbled upon a Covered Bridge Driving Tour on one of my favorite sites: Visit Bucks County.  How fun to make it a goal to visit and photograph and paint all 12 existing covered bridges!  Once there were 50 and now the Bucks County Covered Bridge Society is helping to preserve these remaining 12 bridges. 

If you share my fascination with covered bridges, you will really enjoy another site I found called Pennsylvania Covered Bridges... a website dedicated to the preservation and restoration of all covered bridges still standing in PA.  Here is a quote from one of the websites pages:

".... covered bridges recall a time when life was simpler and closer to the land.  Photogenic and often remote from the interstate highways and cities of the twentieth century, covered bridges lure the explorer to find the little streams and dirt roads that the twentieth century has almost passed by."  

This painting was sold as it was drying on my easel by a friend and covered bridge enthusiast.  I hope to paint more in the near future.  Sign up for my blog updates (it's free!) by entering your email address in the box marked 'subscribe' to enjoy my small daily paintings.  I hope it brightens your day!  Most are 6"x6" and come with a cherry wood easel for immediate display.

©Susie Morrell "Brooks Covered Bridge"
6"x 6" original oil on linen panel

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