Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ikebana Style Flower Holder

I wanted to share one of my favorite finds with you from the St. College Arts Festival I attended last week.  This festival is alway around the second week in July and draws artists from all over the country.  I spent two amazing days absorbed in discussions with artists and have returned to my studio inspired to share

Among the hundreds of amazing artists, I was drawn to this Pottery artist from Malabar Pottery.  All the pottery is created by Mike and Laura Meyer.  Their card does not have a website listed but they are located in Malabar, FL and can be reached at this email address:
I was drawn in by the simplicity of the flowers standing on their own, the top surface of the clay made by the pressed leaves and the functionality of the pieces. Upon further discussion with the artist, I learned a new term, Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement.  Ikebana is a disciplined art form in which nature and humanity are brought together drawing emphasis toward shape line and form. The 'envelope' vase requires few flowers arranged in a row to look stunning. These are just some daisies I picked from my garden. The other smaller piece has in the center what I have been told is a florist accessory that has little plastic spikes coming up so you can take the flower and press it onto one of the spikes so it will stand the way it does so regal.  If you contact them, let them know you heard it from me... an artist who attended the St. College Arts Festival because I hope they return next year!

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